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Original Research Manufacturer


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Original Research Producer

Another step forward ORM (Original Research Producer) ORM (Original Research Manufacturer) ORM Climbing Climbing on the navel (Original Research Manufacturer) Food skepticism with the R&D team following and a lot of following our company along with laboratory quality test Testing the quality of products attached to innovative cars... a specific formula Get specific, guaranteed with International Award.

A complete food supplement factory OEM I ODM I ORM

Producing more than 3,000 products celebrity trust in production with many of us. High standard of production and quality control The average production capacity is up to 1,500,000 boxes per month. 1 of only 10% of factories in Thailand registered as a large factory (รง. 4)

Genomics International Asia Pacific

Research and formula development labs are as standard as pharmaceutical factories by researchers in 4 countries. Laboratory for analyzing extracts and products ready to issue certificates, consisting of Research and development of new extracts Research and development of induction technology Research and development of dietary supplement formulas Medical food, herbs, cosmeceuticals Safety analysis of extracts and products Center for studying and exchanging knowledge in the process of analyzing important substances that affect humans


Product Innovation & Unique

We have a research and development department. Extract-Product Formulation by research team with knowledge and competence under Zen Innovation’s lab to obtain effective products Outstanding innovation that can make your product a leader in the market.

High Capacity

with a large production plant From expanding production base to Zen Factory Land Modern industrial estate, the most modern style in ASEAN, is located in an area of ​​over 20 rai, so we can accommodate the volume of customers. and increased production capacity according to customer demand help push The growth of products in the market as well.

Machine Technology

Use modern Auto Machine diversified able to answer with different production innovations in the production of high-volume products to reduce wastage in the production process According to the principles of Lean Manufacturing to increase production capacity to be able to respond to the needs of both customers quantity and quality

High Standard & Quality Control

We are a standardized factory from ISO, HALAL, HACCP, GMP/GMP-PICS from Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Public health covers the location of the structure. Building a good production system is safe. and the quality is standardized in every step Storage of modern imported machinery

Analystical Laboratory

Product quality control in the process Producing both chemical, biological and physical products We use ISO 17025 compliant laboratories, advanced quality analysis tools. such as HPCL-MS , ICP-MS , GC-MS . UV Visible by a team of scientists with expertise and a lot of experience Reinforcing confidence in the quality of products issued to the market in terms of quantity and quality