research spans many fields and our researchers all share the desire to make a difference by translating their discoveries into clinical practice.


Cannabis is not just THC and CBD
Remarkably, the strength and effect of cannabis does not rely only on cannabinoid ratios.

Over a dozen different groups of compounds work synergistically in order to attain cannabis’ marvelous overall experience.
We call these compounds – Essentials.
Accurate and extensive analysis Compounds such as terpenes, flavonoids, aldehydes, esters and phenols might be found in very low concentrations, but they have a significant impact over the
phenotype’s aromatic profile and medical effect. Understanding the complete
chemical structure of the plant can be carried only with highly precise analytic
capabilities, which we see as a crucial factor in crafting precise aromas and predicting therapeutic effect.
The whole plant experience
Tasting a new phenotype is an experience unlike any other, involving all the
senses. It starts with observing the color, density and texture of the flower,
then sensing its aroma flavor complexity and mouthfeel through its effect on
the body and the mind. A beautiful symphony requires the whole orchestra

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